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Sushma maasi- the ending legacy

It is  a story about how I got lucky in mating with my mother. Her name is Sushma and she is 52 years of age with an ample bosom and a meaty midriff topped by buxom derriere. She stays at home all day and takes care of all our needs. My father , Vijay, is a work alcoholic doctor who stays away from home , most of the time. So, at home , mostly , it’s me, my sexy mother and my teen sister  Munisha.
I really don’t know where to start. Should I tell you about the voluptuous breasts of my mother which she hid behind the wonderfully fragrant nursing white bra, that I smelt in the bathroom after her bath when she left them hidden behind the salwaar hung on the back side of the bathroom door. No words can describe the enormous amount of libido that I experienced when I watched my mother, going to and fro, for household chores, and her breasts moved right in front of my eyes, round and rotund, jiggling and shaking , right in front my leering eyes and dripping tongue, while my manhood awakened and convulsed like a snake in my pajama. Not that she walked around naked  at home but even in her well covered body , she had the horniness that cannot be described. It can only be known by watching those twin treasures breathing life in front of you. But they make me mad. There is nothing more intoxicating than those two globes of flesh which need hours of fondling , sucking and kissing. My mother Sushma wore proper  North Indian dress, salwaar kameez and took proper dupatta covering her head and all. She was a deeply religious lady and dressed properly with bras and adequate lining in her suits which could not let even a glimpse of her bouncing bubbas and  makhani  body. But even with these tightly bound clothes, she sex still oozed out of her body. It appeared that even if she were all covered and clad in burqa , she would still induce me to madness of lust and incest.
Or should I tell you about my mother’s pussy. The divine yoni from which I came out into this world. If there is anything to be worshipped in the three worlds, it in one’s mother’s Yoni. Yoni is perhaps the right word not pussy. In Hinduism , there are believed to be 84 lakh yonis in the world and by crossing these 84 lakh births, as in being born from those 84 lakh yonis, you come back into this world as a human. So, it is only in this life that you can attain Moksha. Remember, that can only be found by worshipping one’s mother’s pussy. It is written in sambhog purana that a son who worships’s his mother’s or mother’s sister’s yoni with incense and lamp of butter on the left and mustard on the right on the full moon day of vaishakha lunar month of the Hindu calender, and puts on it, the ointment of rare herbal mixture called madrekazaa, the preparation of which has been detailed in charaka samhita, only he who shall convince and persuade his mother for this worship shall be the one meant for the rare ritual called matashingaar. The auspicious matashingaar moment happens when the conjunction of kritika , revati and khuch nakshatra takes place, on the ashtami of the waxing moon. This should happen simultaneously in the janam kundli of both mother and son. By calculating the gunas of both mother and son, as we do when we match horoscopes for marriage, the right moment of matashingaar can be found out. It varies from one to 6 years. Any son, who worships the yoni on matashingaar , becomes eligible for salvation or swargaloka. It is said , that such a son will reunite as man and wife with his mother in heaven and enjoy the fruits of his mother. Only, he must worship his mother’s son , with his hands .

I again forgot, I was telling you about my mother. Often , it happened, I took bath once she had taken hers. As luck would have it, I found the lustily stinking panties of my mother hung behind her suits. There were bras , of course with it. I removed my clothes and put the panties on my head, wrapped them around my nose while pressed my boobs over the white bra  that I wore on my hairy chest. I sniffed her pissy polka dotted panties like a junkie sniffs the cocaine, down from far away to the base of my stomach. My cock rose with each breath I inhaled of that maddening stench. 

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rinku and cancer mummi

Hi friends , this is Manorama sharing her true story with you. Let me start with my family. I am a happily married mother of two children, a boy and a girl and a wife to my husband, Sudarshan, who works in a private company. I stay at my home in a village while my husband works in the city and he is out most of the year. My husband is a regular man with a sharp nose and a regular haircut and he usually dresses up in formal clothes. I am tall and slim, though I have accumulated some meat over my buttocks and my breasts are also more than average size. I dress up in sarees at home.My son rinku is a handome grown up boy of 22 years while my daughter , Jyoti,who has taken over my looks is of 19 years of age. Rinku is doing his BA from  the nearby college and he goes to his college by bus while my daughter studies in the village school in the 12th class. Both my children are very obedient and nice to me. My husband has started earning good recently so our living standard has gone up. He gets us beautiful clothes from the city and our neighbours often ask us where we got such nice clothes from. We had a joint family but my saas sasur have expired since some time and we are the four members in the family. We have a spacious house with a cattle shed where I have domesticated a cow for our milk needs. I tend to her with the help of my daughter. We have plenty of land too in the village.
We were leading a normal life when one day I fainted in the bathroom with pain. The pain had originated in the breast area. Though that day , I didn’t attach much importance to it but then gradually I started feeling it more and more. It was so intense that I began crying. My daughter slept with me at night to help me with water and other necessity if any. I tried all indigenous formulas, went to the local vaidyaraaj ( we didn’t have any doctor in the village and there was a medicine man who helped in cases of minor health problems ). The vaidyaraaj gave me certain potions but they were not helpful as my pain would recur after certain intervals. I was short of options now so I told my son to call my husband from the city.
My husband, Sudarshan, rushed to the house the same day he heard of my malady. He took me in his arms and he had tears in his eyes. He took me to the local hospital which was 25 kms from my village but there the doctors said that we need to go and check up in a bigger hospital in Dehradun. We went there and various tests were performed and the doctors asked me all kind of questions regarding my pain etc. when the doctors were unable to detect my disease, they asked me for certain tests which would cost some money. My husband had got money for emergency and we went ahead with these tests. But, when the result came out , the wind was taken out of our lungs.
Cancer- yes, I had been diagnosed with breast cancer. The world broke apart and I started weeping on the shoulder of my husband who in turn was weeping too. The doctors patted my back, one doctor was particularly young and he took the opportunity to rub my bare back, and said that its curable and just that it would cost more money. He told my husband that I had to undergo chemotherapy now and that it would cost lakhs of rupees. Though my husband was earning good by the village standards but it was meager when it came to be compared with the cost of the treatment. We made a crestfallen face as the doctors told us to come when we had the money. The doctors also told that since it was stage one , I still had 2-3 years to live but if they did chemotherapy then I could live more. We boarded a bus and moved towards our home.
In the bus, I remembered the doctor’s words.They said it was hereditary and then I remembered that my  chachi had it. My chichi was also my maasi. They were sisters married into the same family. I recalled to my mind that chachi had quite humoungous breasts and her husband, my chacha , had ran away from the house leaving her with three daughters. My chachi was alone for most of her life and she had taken pleasure with a boy, Amit,who was young enough to be her grandson. I had seen them fornicating when I had gone home to meet her after my marriage.There was no one in the house. They were lying on the cot in the open courtyard while I saw them from the back window of my room. Amit had her maasive tits in his hands and he was mauling them like he was kneading the dough. My chachi was moaning ‘ hai hai’ all the while. Chachi’s old and crumpled suit made up for the bedsheet and they were stark naked. Chachi had fat buttocks and Amit’s hand reached down on them too slapping them nice and hard. Chachi even had white hair on her head but he was having fun like an eighteen year old with Amit.I had got so turned on that I had rubbed my pussy over my saari standing there. I recalled how crestfallen Amit was when he learnt that chachi had cancer and then chachi lived for one year and left this world. It all came back to me and I could understand that it had come to me from my aunt. But , there was no way out now ! If I didn’t get proper treatment , I didn’t have much longer to live.
When we came back, we could hold it from our children. My son Rinku fell on my bosom and started crying. He started hauling, ‘ No maiya, it can’t be. How can God do this. No God no. Holy Shiva ! Holy Rama , what have you done to my mother. I can’t live without her’ seeing this my daughter also got sentimental and she came to me too. We cried our hearts out.
In the evening, my husband Sudarshan started counting his savings. It all amounted to 2.5 lakhs. The rest he had spent in building the house, getting us expensive gifts ( he had brought me expensive nighties and innerwear I hadn’t used so far ! )from the city and paying for the fees of our children. 2.5 lakhs was not enough. It woulkd just amount to one session of chemotherapy. What about the rest ? the doctors had said that I needed at least five sessions. He hung his head in desperation. He told me that he would go to the city tomorrow and arrange for some kind of loan from somewhere. He left early morning and promised me that he would be back within a month. I told him not to worry, God will show us some way.
After nearly a week when he had gone, a friend of mine had come to our house and she told me that she had heard of a sadhu who cures the patients due to the blessings of god. He was a hermit and he had sadhana for a long time and he had attained some siddhis where he could divine the disease of the patient and recommend his cure accordingly. He had cured many patients and his fame was travelling far and wide. I told her that I had cancer and it could only be cured through medical science and not my some traditional mumbo jumbo. But she convinced me to go and try once at least. Since, it was supposed to be a visit and I had nothing to lose, I decided to go to him.
I set out to his ashram early in the morning the next day after asking details of his accommodation in the jungle. I packet some bhaturas and pickle, dressed up in an orange sari and left in a bus with my son. I had sent my daughter to school and had asked my son to stay back so that we could go together. He asked me where we were going but I didn’t tell him much since I thought it was just going to be a normal visit.
After getting down from the bus, we travelled on foot for about 3 kms and then reached a place on the top of the hill. There were a few people sitting outside the ashram. In fact, it was just two rooms made of thatch and smoke came out from a large log of wood lit in the center of the room. The hermit was talking in the other room while the people warmed themselves wwith the fire from the wood and chatted noisily and waited for their turn. My son was looking at me when I told him that this person cures all kinds of diseases and that’s why we have come to him. After waiting for half an hour, an attendant in saffron robes came towards us and told us that we could go inside the hermit’s room.
The sadhu had a nice beard and he was wearing saffron robes. Right next to him, was an asana where probably his patients sat for therapy. He asked us who had the disease. When I nodded , he beckoned me to come to him. He asked all others to leave. Now it was just my son, sadhu and me. He asked me my daily routine and my tastes and preferences, the kind of food I liked and my dislikes. He asked me in details about everything. Then he said that he wanted to see the spot where I felt the pain. I showed my suit covered left breast to him and he smiled. He said if he could touch that area and understand it more intimately. I felt a little awkward as it meant undressing from the top in front of my son and also because I had undressed in front of nobody except my husband. He told me that he needed to touch the place in order to divine it and that I should not feel ashamed. Though I shied a little bit , but then I took the pallu of my saari down, raised my hands and opening the hooks of my petticoat. Underneth I had been wearing a padded lacy pink bra which just put my chuchies poked right in front. The sadhu and my son looked at this lewd show and then I unhooked my bra from the back.  I removed my choli and my bra totally and I saw nude from the top in front of them both. I went close up to sadhu. He asked me to put my hand on the spot where I had I pain. I put my hand on my left chuchy, he put his on mine and pressed my hand. I squirmed with delight and my pussy gasped. Then he asked me to remove my hand. Now he started touching my breast with his pious hand. He lightly touched my nipples. Under my legs , I was feeling a little wetness now. He played gently with my left breast and then told my son,
’ look beta ! I have examined your disease. Don’t worry. I will give you some sacred ash. You will have to put it there everyday and rub it nicely for at least 10 minutes. It must be done daily morning and evening. Then, it will get blessed and the disease shall be cured. And my lady, I have come to the conclusion that you lead a lonely life and therefore an imbalance has been created. Your sattva bhava is less than your tamas bhava and you are not in the rajas bhava. This rajas bhava is responsible for your enjoyment and lovemaking. You need nourishment for blossoming. This deficit has to be filled. My ash will work faster then. And lastly, remember, a male must put the ash on your breasts else the magic won’t work. You must chant properly as I have instructed. You must invoke the incestual gods by chanting.’. I implored him that my husband lived away and it was not possible. Then he smiled and looked at my son. ‘ Can you help your mother, my dear rinku. Your mother has taken your name so much that I have come to the conclusion that it is you whom she needs the most.  Won’t you rub the ointment on her breasts. Are you ashamed . tell me . won’t you do it’ he looked at my son. My son looked at me as if for approval and I nodded my head. ‘yes’, he said, ‘swamijee , I will do it,. ‘well then, the swami said, ‘ come to me after twenty days. By then, the magic shall have worked. Don’t talk to anybody what I have told you to do. Remember, its all secret. You can go now.’
Before leaving he called my son close and said something to him in the ear. My son smiled, nodded and touched his feet and we moved out. I was wondering what it could be
We left the ashram and I had mixed feelings about the whole things. Somehow, we reached home and didn’t exchange a word with each other. The night came and we all had a light dinner. My daughter and son slept in the other room while my husband and me slept in the main kingsize bed. I went to my  son’s room and told my daughter that tonight rinku will sleep with me as he has to rub ointment over me. My daughter said ok mother and went to sleep shortly. My son came to my room . I had changed into a nightie then. I had worn it in order to help him rubbing there. I looked at the mirror at myself and I saw myself looking sexy for the first time . my breasts were hidden in a red bra and my pink nightie had yellow border of lace which fell right upto my knee. I had worn a small fiery red panty beneath. I had neatly done my hair and put some jasmine oil in them. It had been done on habit and not on purpose. I asked my son to sit down . then I brought the packet containing sacred ash and untied it.
Will you do it son
Yes mother I will do
Then he took some sacred ash and looked at me. I told him that he must first untie me and then put it. I turned my back on him. He started opening the hooks of my red satin bra. His nimble fingers were shaking. He set the fiery red bra open. Now it was hung on my silky pink nightie. I asked him to lift the nightie and flip it away. He slowly took my pink nightie off my  white skin. I still had my back to him. I asked him to remove my banyan, as I called bra in local language, from the front. His hands moved on the front and he took the bra completely off my body. Told him to take the ash now and smear it on my chuchies in that position. He took the ash in his hand and gently reached out for my globes. He started smearing on the left only. I told him that the saint had said that it must be done in both the breasts. He now took both his hands and started rubbing the ash on my white body. His muscular hands were nicely cushioning my well used babymaking breasts. I gasped as he rubbed the both mountains. My pussy was getting wet now and I could feel my panties sticking to my puss now. He kept rubbing the ash for  ten minutes and then disengaged. I was suddenly brought alive to the real world from the pangs of lust. I told him that he can wash his hands and sleep next to me on the bed.
Next morning, when I got up , my nighty was all disheveled and it was raised upto my back. My sheer panties were visible and I was sure my son must have seen them.  Somehow, I got up and went to the kitchen to make tea. I had a lot of energy that morning. My body was fresh and I could still feel the strength of my baby’s hands on my breasts. My legs were getting tipsy as I imagined that I had another session in the morning. I came back and offered him the tea. I had not untied the bra after yesterday night’s session and as I bent down to offer him tea, he couldn’t keep his eyes off my cleavage. Without my bra, both my chuchies were nearly falling out on to his face. only the tip and areaola were covered. He licked his lips and looked naughtily across my face. he sipped the tea nervously and looked at me. I brought the thali of sacred ash again and laid it in front of him. Without waiting for a second, he moved behind me and started to uncover my breasts from the front. His soft hands were daintily opeing the folds of pink nightie. Daylight was peeking in and now he cupped my breasts with his hands. There was no sacred ash on them. He was going on his own accord. He pressed them a bit and then took some ash and smeared it and then played and rubbed with them for 10 mins. After that, I kept the tray away and it became a ritual with us. We kept repeating it day after day. And surprisingly after 15 days , all my pain was gone. I remembered swamijee had called too. So I went to him with my son, the next morning.
When we reached swamijee’s hut, not many had gathered and we were quickly guided into his room . he asked us how the experience has been and whether there is any improvement. He asked me to remove her clothes not only from the top but also from the bottom as he needed to know more about the rajas bhava of my body. i once again looked at my son for approval and he said yes, i could go ahead as swamijee was a man of religion. He could be trusted.I mother was wearing a green suit that day. I undid her top first and as I removed her kurta , my nice toned shoulders came into view from where dangled my most beautiful and voluptuous mounds dangled in a white nursing bra. The holy man and my son leered at my breasts although most of them were concealed. Then I stood up and undid the cord of my pyjamas which fell to my feet and I revealed my red polka dotted black panties. My husband had brought them from some good store. There were only two of them and I wore them outside my house. Little did I know, they would come in handy to raise my son and a holy man to erection. The holdy man smiled at me and asked me to come to him. He opened the hooks of my bra and took my chuchies in his hand and said that there was a lot of improvement there and I was getting well. But he said that he need to know the loneliness part so he would have to touch my yoni. I demurely looked at my son and said yes, he could go ahead. He came near my crotch as pushed my panties to one side and pushed one of his finger gently in my pussy. He parted my pussylips with his palm and took a bit of gel from under his bedsheet and put some there. He waited for a second and then he rubbed my pussy again. It was getting so hot for me. I told him that I can remove my panty so that he could do it comfortably. He said that I should remove them at home to my son since it is he who has to do this ritual to make me well.  He then winked at my son and my son smiled , ‘naughty boy ! he said’ He then asked us about various other things regarding the ritual. He listened patiently to our responses and then told us, ‘ look ! listen carefully now , since what I am going to tell you was told to parvati by lord shiva. It must never be told to anyone. It is called as charaka kaam samhita.’
‘ every mother can win over all the diseases of the world. Just like the breastfeeding  from mother keeps the baby healthy for all his life, similarly a son’s energy flowing back at the mother cures her all the diseases of the world. Tell me , sushma, have you not enjoyed the touch of your son’s hands on your chuchies or you , rinkey, have you not loved your mother’s breasts’ said swamijee and looked into our eyes. My eyes fell on my child and we both smiled feebly. ‘ look !’ , swamijee continued,’ when I saw your condition, it took me no time to understand that all this is happening to your body since your husband stays away most of the time and your body  was not getting proper fulfillment. But, then , I suddenly realized that you have a grown up son at home. Then , I thought I will initiate you into this secret tantric practice. Today , I will give you more secrets. But , only the word should not go out. You talk about it to someone and its power is gone, remember’ swameeji looked into our eyes and said,
 My son reassuringly muttered, ‘ no swamijee, its between you and us, say what you want to say’

Swamijee called my son by  his side and said, ‘ my child ! let this never be discovered by anybody, for what I am going o tell is you is profane by the standards of this world but its , when practiced, the most holy and liberating of all worlds , for it can be performed between a mother and son only. No only, it will cure your mother of all the diseases but it will also  develop the most holy of all other bonds of the universe. Tell me you are ready for it.'
 to be continued...part II in the offing

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This story is based strongly on real events. Names have been changed. Please respond at
It’s a story about how I matured from an inquisitive teenager to a full grown man in the bosom of my mother’s sister- Sushmita. Love, alone will not be sufficient to describe the emotion that I felt for her. She enriched my life both as a mother –as I treated her as mother and she used to call me beta-and as a lover. I can never forget her as long as I live. But how did it all start, read on.
It was the summer of 1993 and I was in tenth class. the vacation had already started. I was desperate to move out. We discussed many places to visit and I had options between Shimla , Chandigarh and Dehradun but I could not decide. Finally, my parents decided to send me to Faridabaad where my masar was posted as a health officer. He was actually posted some 30kms away from Faridabad but  he had rented a house there. Their accommodation was large enough for all of us. My masi had two kids. Vijay, my cousin, was quite younger to me and my masi also had a daughter who was not very attractive. My masar would go to his office at 9 and came back after 5 in the evening. My cousins went to a reputed school there. Most of the day, my masi was alone at home and she did household chores. Initially , I was hesitant to be near my masi but gradually I got talking to her. She was always laughing and chirruping and she exuded heavenly aroma around her. It was like even if she farted , her fart too would be scented. She was 38 years old and she had a nicely shaped marble body. I was bathed in complete lust for my masi and my cousin when I reached their house.
When I rang the bell in the evening, I was welcomed by my masi , masar and my cousins. I touched my masi’s white nimble feet and she blessed me. Little did I know of the blessings which this queen mother had for me. They took my luggage to the room where my cousins slept. They slept on the double-bed and they kept my luggage on the extra divan. My masi and masar fornicated in the other room. As it was already evening, all of them had changed their clothes. As it was summers, all of them had changed into light clothes. My masar and vijay were wearing bermudas while my masi was dressed in a nightie. It was the first time that I had seen a nightie for real. So far , I had only seen the nightie in movies. My masi was looking adorable in that if not voultuous. I also noticed that she had done away with bra as I could feel the slight bounce of her chuchies.I was caught in this sexual introspection when my masi told me to change too and she would get the tea ready for us. I took  lukewarm water in a saucer and washed my feet with it. I dressed in my night suit and moved to the drawing room , which was in fact a makeshift dining room too and there were a couple of chairs with a table right outside the bathroom.We had tea which was shortly followed with a dinner and then we took each other’s leave to our rooms.  As I was tired , I fell asleep shortly.
In the morning, when I got up, the fan was whizzing in full speed and  as I was adjusting the pillow behind my back, another wonderful sight greeted my eye. My cousin sister, teetu, was sleeping with her legs folded to a side. She was also wearing a nightie but her small nightie had been flown away by the fan and she lay in such a posture that her panty could be seen while her nightie flew with the air from the fan making a kind of tent from her legs to her navel. My cock throbbed and early in the morning lust gripped my soul. Her beautiful teenage legs with slight sprinkling of hair here and there and her brownish black panty could be seen. I was ravishing this Godsend striptease while I heard footsteps behind me , as I tucked in the bed sheet ,and my masar walked into the room. The first thing which he did was to cover teetu’s nubile body with a bed sheet. I feigned my sleep and little did he know that I had already had my fill of teenage erotica.
Soon , it was time to go to the school and after everybody left, just me and masi were left as home.
She asked me , ‘ Rinku if you want to take bath , you can go ahead. I have to do my hair too and it will take time. Why don’t you go and take bath first’
Sure, I will do as you like mother.
I went into the bathroom and locked the door from inside. I removed my clothes and I was searching for the peg to hang them, when I saw my mother’s old suit hung on the other peg. I removed them from the peg since I wanted to hang my stuff there. But to my utter joy and pleasant surprise , I found my mother’s used panties. Here there were, red and netted softly with a patch in the center which must have clung to her motherly pussy, and I watched them with the satiated admiration of a secret lover. I watched them with the satisfaction of a panty connesuir – someone who treasures the art of watching panties and sniffing them to the base of his  nostrils. So I did. I removed it from the peg and took it near my nose and inhaled the intoxicating pungent stink of piss that emanated from it which made my cock flag higher. I had already removed my clothes so now I just wrapped the red cotton panty on my rod and started stroking it. I was rock hard in no time and then I again took the panty over my head, wrapped my head in it and sniffed the pussy area and took some bites of it.  I had the picture of my masi  in front of my eyes writhing in her bed adorning her red fiery panties. I pictured myself coming near to her and then tapping lightly on her satin panties, just caressing her groin with my soft hands and then kissing her panty right on her pussylips. I fantasized about her with a red bed where she stood like a stud well bred, ready to be tamed into submission. I was just thinking about all this when I felt the climax building inside me and I came in buckets. I fired a great load from my penis. After that, I sat down , took my bath and got away from the bathroom.
In a few minutes my masi entered the bathroom. She bolted it from inside and I heard the click of the bolt. I was wiping my hair with the towel . Suddenly an idea flashed across my mind. Why not try and see masi from outside the bathroom ? I rushed outside the door and stayed very calm for any distracting sound might spoil the show. Then , I started peeking from outside. Finally, I found a gap , a very small one, from where one could see some movement. But, it was still not clear and extremely difficult to see any body part or so. I came back crestfallen  from the door and then went outside to dry my underclothes. To my utter delight, I found some panties there too  drying on the wire. They were two in number where one was a plain one with pink cotton regular elastics while the other was sky blue and it had white polka dots. Imagining how they would look on my mother, I had a hard on again. I just loved them and sniffed them but they were not smelling of her wonderful piss- my pissy pussy mommy, rather they smelt of detergent perfume now that they were washed properly.
After a long time , my mother came out of the bathroom. She made some lunch and we two had it together and then she slept while I watched some TV. Soon, it was evening and my masar came home . The kids too had come by then and we all had tea. After a while, my masar left the house saying that he will take an hour or two as he was going to see someone at home.
Shortly after he had gone, my mother changed into a nightie. It was a yellow satin  nightie which had the prints of flowers all over it. It had a wide neck and it looked oversized with half sleeves. Her feet could be seen from that nightie. It was a one piece clothing from neck to feet and it covered her completely. It was difficult to make out whether she had any bra underneath but she certainly had panties on since it could faintly be made out from the outlines on the soft nightie. She came to the kitchen, put some aata in a wide pan and started to knead the dough. The children were in the other room and the voices coming from the room confirmed  that they are studying. I stood at the kitchen door. I was just chatting nonchalantly with my masi. She was asking me family stuff and all. She was sitting on a small wooden table which was nearly half an inch from the ground, and she had this huge pan where she was kneading the dough. Any Indian can imagine what it is to knead the dough. It takes energy and sometime you have to just bend to exert force. My mother too was bending and as a result her nightie had started to show her cleavage. I was watching this all the time while I talked to her. Suddenly , she looked up and found me staring at her chuchies. I was literally taken aback when I met her eye but then , she smiled. She did not say anything buy she just smiled. Her smile was a very mischievous and lustful one. She was kneading the flour again. Now, she started kneading with more pressure coming full to the other side where I was standing. She came close up and went back again. The nearer she came to the side , the more I saw  those twin treasures. She came up close so much so that I could see right down her voluptuous mountains where love slipped and incest danced, motherly chuchies they were sweeter than the rarest nectar, milky white skin dancing to and fro in front of my hungry eyes. She showed me more by each passing movement. She then looked up and smiled again. She gyrated once more to knead the dough and I saw right up the areolas of her chuchies. I saw those round globes as she shook them slightly and then , for the third time, she looked up and smiled again and then then whispered,’kal’ in my ear and disappeared into the sink with the huge pan.
What did she mean by ‘kal’- I was baffled. What had happened was very quick for anyone to react. I was an irritable teenager and I had my own ideas of sex and I never thought I would get something from the masi- who I ve been relating as mother. The fact is that I love to call her  as my mother since I wanted the relationship to be perverted to the very end. Why had my mother displayed her cleavage to me rather benevolently. She had certainly seen me leering at her. She had met my eye when she caught me lasciviously drooling over her chuchies. Why was she not shocked. After all I was her flesh and blood. I was her elder sister’s son. Why did she smile at such an affront. Any other normal Indian housewife would have been distressed with such an action but she smiled. But , why ? Did she consider it as ‘childlike’ behavior or she was just laughing away at my teenage inquisitiveness. When she had found me admiring her wonderful mammaries, she had even tried to incite me, excite me and provoke me by showing more of her cleavage. Was I imagining that she had tried to show me more of her tits or was she serious in her display. And why had she said the word ‘kal’ . what did she mean by it. What did tomorrow hold in store for me. Did she want to tell me something . Did she want me to rebuke me for my wantonness , but then , she had smiled . But why ? It certainly wasn’t a hint that she wanted to do something funny with me. After all, I was her bhanja and her blood and I was so young. No , that certainly wasn’t the matter. But then what was it all. It was all so topsy turvy that I could not make a head and tail of it. All that came to my mind was those wonderful jugs which had swayed in front of me and had given me a heavenly delight.
Later my masar came and we all had dinner together. After that we went to the bed early. Lights were switched off but my mind was awake and an excitement gripped my soul. It was similar to the feeling one had before taking an exam . it was similar nervousness which was moving all over my body. I could sense that my head had become heavy and my body feverish as my hand moved inside my underwear  caressing my manhood. The sight of my masi kneading in the kitchen came back to me and the to and fro movement of her tits put my schlong on fire time and over again. If there was one thing I wanted that was the pussy of my masi mother and I really wanted to fill her badly. I masturbated at least three times that night and by morning I had badly slept and my cock was sore.
I was woken up by the sound of a brush polishing the shoes. I quickly got up from there and went to the toilet. My masar stood there and he was wearing his shoes. He told me that he had to go to neighboring areas for check twice in ten days. He said that he was going today and he will not be back for at least two days. He asked me if I wanted to accompany him but my masi intervened and said that ‘beta’ will stay here and teach the kids. I just smiled . My masar had a quick breakfast and he left for his job. Later, the kids woke up, bathed , got ready , had their breakfast and left to the school.
It was nearly an hour after the kids had left that masi called me to her room. I went quietly. I had not taken the bath yet and she was also in her nightclothes. When I went to her room , I could see the soiled bed and it made me aware suddenly of the fact that this is the same bed where my masar would have enjoyed this divine beauty at night. To confirm it, there was a hanky peeping from under the bed and I was sure that this must have the semen stains of my masar. My maasi sat on the bed in her nightie and her skin was glowing probably from the lovemaking at night ( I was sure that my masar must have fucked her really well as he would not be home for two days ). Her light yellow nightie shone on her soft supple skin. She had a nice hair cut where her hair were done in a style up to her neck. She didn’t even had the jewelry on her. Her eyes were wonderful and inviting as she beckoned me to sit on the bed. Her lips were small and her cheeks exhibited the fullness of youth. Yellow light coming from the curtains filled the room. My heart was throbbing in my mouth. She smiled carelessly as I saw a part of her neckline visible from the front.
‘How are you, beta. How was your sleep. Are you enjoying this new place of our posting. How is it  and are you enjoying really. Is there something which I could do for you ?’ she asked in a sweet motherly cautious tone.
‘oh maasima, it’s so perfectly well. I had a sound sleep. I am enjoying myself.’ I tried to interact with her trying hard to fight my inhibitions.
‘you look a little nervous. I hope I am not the cause of it’ quipped maasi in a seductive voice.
‘no , no , I am fine’ I regained control of myself.
‘so tell me , why were you naughty yesterday?’ she said as she looked up right into my eyes and her gaze pierced my soul and this time she didn’t have any smile on her face but the somber face of an elder. I was dumbfounded and failed to find an answer to her question. What could I say. Somehow , I stammered,
‘I am sorry maasimaa. I crossed the limits. I am  truly sorry ‘
‘No , no , son . Its not that. Don’t apologise for anything wrong that you haven’t committed. I was just curious to know how do you feel about me. Where were you looking at, yesterday’, she added smiling a bit.
‘I am sorry maasimaan. I didn’t mean to..umm..i m sorry. It was just a passing glance. I wasn’t looking anywhere’ I was struggled to find an answer.
‘ See beta, Saurabh, you are a grown up boy now. Aren’t you. You must be 16. I can understand your hormonal rush and your urges. Don’t lie to me. Don’t be afraid. Come near me. Speak without fear. There is nothing to hide I won’t tell anything to your parents.’, she came up close to me  and with her hand grabbed my wrist and gently pulled it to her. I moved slowly on the bed towards her and I could feel that once again her neckline was revealing more than desirable. I could feel without looking at it directly, I saw through the corner of my eye that her yellow nightie shone in that satin and it was bordered with lace. It was 10 O clock in the morning and the radiant morning light fell on her soft supple skin and shone.The nightie spread to its length from her neck  with a pattern of multi coloured triplets of flowers printed all over. The small and numerous flowers on the soft cloth added a superb sexiness to it. I was amazed how she was wearing it in front of me when it could have been used only for strictly private purposes..The neckline was plunging and one could make out her chuchies as soon as one saw the nightie. She muttered slowly,’ tell me, Saurabh, what were you looking at’.
Now that was too much for me. I flushed all over. I had never been so close to a woman. What was she trying to do.?Was she trying to seduce me. I wanted to pounce over her and maul her titties like a dog but then I needed to be sure. What if , all this was a trap and she was leading me to a spot where I would confess my crime and she would tell it later to my parents. I had to be watchful. I was still the kid I was. I uttered in a slow whisper,’ I was looking at your…at your…front ‘, I completed the sentence with utter difficulty. I could feel Goosebumps all over me.
‘ what front ! ‘ she pounced over my sentence as soon as I completed it. She was still sitting close to me and her nightie as usual was showing much more than it was hiding. Her face regained its colour and she smiled again, ‘ Saurabh, don’t you have a word for it. Tell me , what were you looking at’ she slid near me further on the bed.
I was so hot all over. My cock had got the blood it needed and it was rising inside my underwear. I gathered a lot of confidence, looked at her chuchies while she was looking at me and uttered,’..they are called breasts , maasimaa’
‘No no in hindi, tell me’ she asked teasingly.
‘maasimaa, eh….i mmm…mean ..they are called ‘..chu…chu..chuchy’ ‘ I was breathing with difficulty now. My head was spinning feebly.
‘I am observing that you are getting nervous all the time. Why son, what’s the reason. Come here. I am like your mother. So what I have not given you birth. Feel completely frank with me. Bring your hand here.’ And she touched my hand from above and then slowly ensconced my palm in her soft velvety hands. ‘ You have got nice firm hands’ she added and smiled again. ‘ come on tell me what else they are called ‘ do you like them’
‘maasima, you certainly are my mother. I respect you as my mother. Maasima, they are also called ‘mamme’ , ‘chuchey’,’boobs, ‘knockers’ and tits…maasima , I am sorry..please don’t embarrass me so much..maasi… ‘ and I  could not hold and started weeping. Suddenly all my horniness was overcome with my nervousness and I started crying that she was testing me and will tell all this to my parents.
She brought her hands to my face and started to wipe my tears. She said,’ I never knew that I was hurting you. I was just enjoying some plain harmless fun. Oh , my loving bhanja, you are so sensitive..’ and she hugged me to her bosom. I felt her chuchies digging into my chest and I had forgotten everything. I was normal within no time. Once again, the surge of blood in my cock caused it to swell. I took my hands to her back and rested them on her shoulders. She just slightly massaged my back and drew away. I was left in the pangs of lust as she withdrew her wonderful chuchies away from my chest.
‘Don’t worry son . It’s all fine. So are normal, all right…I see, now that your face is lit again, do you like my or titties , if you like’ and she smiled her mysterious charm again.
‘I..I…what do I say maasima…I your chuchy’ I said  and suddenly I sensed that I had an upper hand. I jumped at the oppurtunity and confidently blurted out,’…but how can I say anything , I haven’t seen them’
‘naughty’, she said and gently tapped on my cheek,’ so my baby likes mamma’s chuchies.He wants to look at them. I shall show you , but , tell me , what will you do with them, you naughty boy’ she winked as she said this. It was getting too much for me . My masi was openly hinting me at something fishy going on inside her mind. I could see it all yet I was nervous. I was not prepared for this kind of situation at 16 years of age when I had been brought up at a boys hostel and this stuff was what dreams and fantasies are made of. I regained my hold and held her hand and said,’
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Part 2

‘ what shall I do with them..maasima, I don’t know, I am just a curious child. I have never seen any woman in those parts. I don’t know what to say unless I see them’ I said and I could sense that I was in for a treat. My lucky stars had gathered up in the sky as she bent forward a bit and said,
‘look here ! boy’
On the bed, right in front of my eyes, maasi bent further and revealed her chuchies to me in her nighty. She bent forward and her nightie was pushed to the front and I could see her magnificent globes in all her glory. She was not wearing any bra, as I had anticipated, and her huge humongous tits peeked from the inside. They were hanging upside down and they looked soft as a cosco ball. I was wondering what was happening when she took my attention away and said,
‘ How do you feel, my son. I see that now all your nervousness is gone. Come here. Tell me what you want to do know. Do you want to touch them. Tell me , my son, I am like your mother. Won’t my sweet and indulgent son tell his mommy what he wants to do with his maasimaa’s chuchies’
‘….yes…yes…ma…I want to touch them…I so much want to touch your fiery globes , maasima…’ I could barely utter as my cock had swollen with lust. She was very close to me and her breath was hitting my face. she took my hand to her left breast from over her nightie and left it on its own accord. Though I was holding her round boob over her satiny nighty but still I could feel its full shape and the taut nipple in the center of it.  The moment I touched it, uncontrollable sparks of passion burst inside me and my cock felt like it would ejaculate any moment.  But, my brain was working rapidly and I again sensed an opportunity here. I wanted to play the passive hand here. I just kept my hand there and did not press her boob, the way she was expecting me to. She took her hand atop my hand and squeezed it. She pressed it again.  She too was getting hot now. Her face started to turn a bit of red. She said,
‘ O ! my God . My son, do you like that. You must be thinking that what has gotton over this crazy mid aged woman. I am tamed by my passion . I have forgotton the difference between a young child and a mature son. I am really sorry . But, I think I can have this harmless fun. You will rank me as a wanton woman. I know , son, but don’t you worry, its between you and me. Do you want to go on and feel me further son. I see your shy smile. Come here, take mu other chuchy in your firm hands. Just squeeze them lightly. They need your cushions. Do it, beta’ She said and she placed both my hands on her chuchies over her flowery nighty and squeezed them.
‘ Maasima, I have never experienced this before . Please can I feel them from the inside. Can I touch them and press them without your nighty. Please me I want to feel them nude in my hands’ I said as I caressed those mounds with my fingers over the satin.
As if struck by the weight of the words , maasi replied, ‘ sure son !’. She instantly flew her nightie away and now she was nude in front of me only in her satin panties, yellow and flowered , matching with her drawn out nightie. She was marble white in her complexion. He had a little flat in her midriff region which all middle aged indian women have. Her ass was heavy but rest of her body was an absolute delight. Her face was like a fairy. So innocent and so pure. Her breasts were in complete contrast with her face. They were huge, voluptuous and hanging outwards. They were not perfectly round but like the shape of Indian mango. I just squeezed them lightly and she squirmed in delight.
My hands rested on her fleshy cushions and I was kneading them gently enjoying every single press of those wonderful mounds. They were so round and at that moment they were the center of my existence. I was gently flipping my finger over her nipples. We were sitting on the bed. She drew closer. The bed was not a regular bed but it was a space made over different boxes. Our legs were in the air. She lifted her hands and let them rest on my shoulders. She was moaning all the while,
‘ Beta..uuuuuuhh..beta…ooooh….beta…touch me gently.. you sure know how to treat a woman…mmmmmmmm…aaah…beta..why don’t you remove your shirt’ she moaned in a whisper and I quickly unbuttoned my shirt. I quickly removed my shirt and the vest came off with it. Her eyes lit up. Her beautiful face lustily looked at my teenage body. I had a few hair on my chest. She brought her hand forward and ran her hands on my chest. ‘ beta..aa beta…meri chuchy se lag jaa..aa…mere laal..apni maa ke seene main aaram de’. I took her in my embrace. Her beautiful yellow laced satin panty was the only thing concealing her nakedness and I had my jeans underneath.She pointed to my jeans and said,’ beta, yeh bhi utaar de’ I quickly removed my jeans and removed my underwear with it.
I was stark naked now she had her wonderful flowery panty on her. She took my hands and rested on her waist and seductively smiled, ‘ beta , I have always lusted after young boys. I wish I had a son like you and I would have mated all day with him. You are my son now. Please call me mother from now on. Beta, your mother is hungry for your love. Take your hands down slowly from my waist and remove my panties.’
My hands massaged her slick waist before touching her bewitching bellybutton. She had gathered just the adequate amount of fat there to make it look kinky. My hands were soon over her panty. I gave a tap on her pussy from her panties. She squirmed in delight,’ ah ! mera beta, mera raja beta…aaaa…aa beta , ghar wapis aa. Meri chuchy aur phudi tera rasta dekh rahin hai…aaa..mmm…my son.’ I tapped again and she suddenly turned up and smooched me,’ o my god, oh beta…this is your mummi’s sacred spot. Knock me there, my lover. Oh my son, you have just tapped my womanhood and the answer is yes, my son , ravage me. Be my stud ! take me’, and she flew back on the bed with her legs spread out and her panty daintily hung below her midriff while its yellow satin shining shyly over the whiteness oh her  fleshy thighs.
 I kissed her soft feet and then took her toe in my mouth and sucked it good and felt my cock rising. Then I licked her buttery calves while my hands reached out further to massage her forbidden thighs. She had absolutely no hair on her body. Then I reached up and kissed and licked her thighs amply till they had my saliva all over them. She was moaning in ecstasy when I reached her pussy which still had the panty on. I turned it to a side and made her gloryhole kiss the fresh air. Then I kissed it, smooched it like I would kiss my mother, moved away from it , smooched it again , put my tongue in it, slowly stroked it before taking her labia out and sucking them intensely. This was too much for her and she cried in ecstasy,
‘ Ah ! mmmmmmmmmm… baby, my child…uuuhh yeaah. son , you will make your mother crazy. Do you like what you see.. kiss son. Kiss it hard..nice and long. Show this little hole its place. But stup !..This is your mother’s pussy. Her most sacred place. A son is never supposed to her his mother’s pussy. This is a sin , rinku. You have violated your birthplace with your mouth. You must fill me and take me completely son. And yes, please talk dirty to me.i want to be your real filthy immoral mommy.’
Sensing her heat I started teasing her pussy with her panty. I moved the panty to one side and moved it to and fro slowly. The thread was titillating her. She moaned again,
‘ beta..oh my son..dont tease me..just love me..delicately and slowly..dont be like your father..take me slowly..uuummm…oh beta..please talk dirty to me and just tear this panty apart. Now’
As if waiting for a signal , I clenched the frilly panty between my teeth and it tore it from the center. She was lying spread eagled. She invited me again with her dirty tongue,
‘come on beta…aaj ma aka karz ada kar do..bhar do uski phudi..pyaar dikha do apna..its time son..this is the day for which you were born. Fuck me silly..don’t lick my twat..just fuck me…oh fuck me ..fuck me ..fuck me’ , and she got up, took my face in her hands and kissed me full on her lips. I fell on her. Her naked chuchies were rubbing on my chest. Her hand got hold of my lund and she guided it towards her gloryhole. This was my first time. I felt my cock enter her cave as my skin felt the wetness of my mother’s crotch. I instinctively pushed it and with a slush it was inside her. She broke her kiss and looked down at my cock and said,
‘beta ! yeh to kaafi bada hai. Tumahre papa ka lan to iska aadha bhi nahin. Tumhare munh ko dekh ke lagta nahin hai ki itna mota lund hoga. Son ! your father has kept me high and dry for so many years. Tell me , am I  not beautiful ! Kya kami hai mujhme…beta ! look at me , are my chuchies not round. You have tasted my skin, is it not buttery ? and my do feel now..isn’t my hole hot enough and soft to engulf any lund..tell me , son , tell me…your father always said that I was an average housewife. Am I so average..tell me, beta. My fudi is on fire. Keep shaking a bit..gyrate over my love hole ‘
‘ O mother Sushma ! you are the most sensuous woman I have ever seen. Wonder that asshole husband of yours called you average.woman. you are a lady to me . A mother par excellence,' i said but i was cut short by my mother ,
'please call me by my name , my son, Saurabh. talk dirty to me. just spank your dirty mother. she should be punished for having sex with her son. love' she whimpered like a cat as i run my hands over her derriere .  

‘ mummi..mummi…give yourself to me mummi…I love you mummi..'

End of Part 1 and Part of the story to follow

Sunday, September 28, 2008

mom vinode - a voyeur's delight

this is one more again to celebrate a true experience.My name is Vinode Sharma and i m 45 years of age and i live with my husband and my son in up market posh area around delhi jaipur highway. A few years back, my husband , who works as a manager in a clothing company, bought a plush apartment in a suitable high class area for 45 lakhs. He spends most of his time at work. I won't reveal his name to maintain some secrecy. I had been happily married for about 25 years now and live happily with my family. I work as an architect in a government agency. This is story about a dairy which changed my life. The diary incidentally belonged to my son. My son is now 24 years of age i shall talk about as soon as i am finished about telling some details about me and my little family. I have been basically a village girl but having spent nearly 25 years of my life in the national capital has changed me for the better in numerous ways
. Though i was never a shy type of a village girl still i was not very open in mind . I had my reservations about things and it really took me some time to come out of of them.e.g it took 2-3 years for me to try that sleeveless sari and another one year to wear it at office while work, or those salwaar kameez suites with a real plunging neckline and gap at the back- it took me some time to wear them , but once i started to wear them , i was very comfortable and now i have a whole lot of them in my wardrobe. At home though, i started to wear nighties pretty early as they were not only comfortable but also had a lot of variety especially those front waist belt types. I am not really a fashion freek but yet i do take a visit to a parlor once in 10-15 days.

Morning walks and diet regime have kept my body fat free and one can say that i don't look my age. On the other hand, my husband is a very busy man , at office or with his colleagues. I never had enough time for either my son or from my husband since i was a working woman. I never thought that this might take a toll on our son . Few days ago, i was off from office and i went in my son's room and i found this diary.that day and today, my life has changed. So this is addressed to all the mothers in metros. Here i narrate it as it was written in his dairy date the brackets, i m writing my own comments.

Today i came back from the college a little early and when i reached home i found my mother, my divinely beautiful mother Vinode, lying on the bed and sleeping. I quitely stood beside her and watched her ivory skin body for a long time before going to my room. She was wearing her satiny cream nighty and had tied the belt yet i could spot her braless boobs so big and round. O mother , you will kill me some day. Look at her nighty, all her nighties are knee length at most. I wanted to get a view from her leg side but i was afraid that she would wake up so i dropped the idea and came back to my room. Wonder , when i will be able to touch her…today after my mom and dad left, i sneaked into their room and opened my mother's wardrobe( o, what does he want) and it didnt take me long to get hold of her panties...they were so many in number. I wanted to steal some but i was unsure how to do it. Then another idea crossed my mind- there might be some fresh panties available. With this , i went to Bathroom and to my utter happiness, two freshly used panties were hanging in the pegs. I too the blue one and smelt it ( What is he doing, my own son) but there was no smell. Then i took the plain cotton cream one and smelt it. It was wet , it smelt of her divine pussy and piss. I loved it. I dont know what happened but i had an instant erection. I didnt have much courage so i just smelt them for some time and after that i came to my room and masturbated. It has been some time since i saw my mother's fresh lingerie. I need to do something. I am getting crazy day by day about my mother Vinode.
Today my friend vijay gave a storybook about incest sex. I really read some perverted stories about cousins fucking and mothers and sons and father and daughters too. I have been seeing my mother in this light for the past so many day and months but now i have got a proof that it happen in reality also. There is nothing wrong to think that way about one's mother. Oh god, what can i do , i am becoming more and more perverted day by day. The moment i see my mother , i just want to make love to her. All the time , she wears these sexy nighties at home and i love her watching her nice round boobs jiggle without bra, and at times her panty lining on her hips shows on the satiny nighty, my cock goes crazy. I have been masturbating twice a day ever since i read those stories.

I have started to imagine Vinode mommy as my lover. On my bed. Right here, next to me while i undress her part by part, untying the knot of her nighty at her waist and then watching the glance of her slightly puffy waist but still very soft, so girlish and yet so motherly. Then i will undo her top slowly before removing her micro panties and fucking her. Of god, o momma, o vinode you will make me mad. I wish i could see you naked soon and seeing you that way would satisfy the demon in me. I wish you were not my mother rather my wife and my lover. I dont know what to do. I am getting to baser of my instincts now.

Help me. It has been a lot of waiting for me . I think if i don't some glimpses of her in the day, i can't survive. I get up early in the morning and head straight to my parents room so that i can have some glimpse of my sleeping mother who is so carelessly dressed as sometimes she might have had a fuck with my useless father at night. Mostly, i dont see much but sometimes i can see right up to her areolas and nipples. At times , she invites me to sleep on her bed too , as it is morning time. So i just go and cuddle up right next to her soft bosom. I feel so safe and secure and sexy there and my cock begins to rise. Sometimes , she throws her arm over me , just a very motherly instinct but i love the weight of those nice supple boobs crushing on my chest. Right then, my adrenalin pumps up and i just wanna grab those wonderful jugs and suck them right there but i can't do that , she is my mother. What if one, day , she allows me to do it to her. I have been getting close to her everyday. Now i will advance my moves and act more cleverly.
I guess the god of love has started responding to my requests. Today , I came back home and found that my mother Vinode had reached before I arrived. I turned the key in the lock and came inside to my room. On the passing , I saw my mother’s room was bolted. I don’t know what happened or by instinct I bent to see her through the keyhole of her door. I had never done this but I felt that I should have don’t that ages before. I took a look inside and my eyes thuddered as they peaked in . The keyhole was showing a way too much and the entire double bed of my mother’s room was under my eye. I saw my mother Vinode lying on her bed with her legs folded and probably deep in sleep. Her back was facing me and yet I could make out the outlines of her panty on her thin nighty.

I took a Look and my cock harder and I came back to room and masturbated on the images of my sexy mother Throwing her nighty away and dancing with her nice fat buttocks on my face. Then I thought I will take peek through that keyhole more often when mu mother is alone and sleepy…

It has been quite some time since I started taking furtive peeks at my momma. In fact, over the past few days , I was also able to manage stealing her panties. I was pretty lucky to find them in our store room where old and used clothes are discarded. There I found my moms 3 bras and two panties. One of the bra is even pointed and padded one , I wonder she wears it under her saris to make her boobs real baggy and shapely. Other two bras are normal white type with a bit smaller caps to them . But the panties are real heavenly. The cream one has become so transparent dut to her use that I wonder how my mommas delicious pussy will look with them . The other ones are torn from sides. They have slight holes poking in them. But they are sky blue cotton and smell damn sexy. I guess mommy didn’t wash them before disposing. So that’s my sex wealth now.

Today I dressed in them in the loneliness of my room and I have masturbated so many times sniffing them while wearing the other, that my cock has become sore. My mom vinode is too damn sexy and hot. I wonder if I will be ever able to fuck her like I want.Today was the greatest day of my life. I saw my mother fully nude and in motion for the first time in my life. I always thought of my mother Vinode as a normal person and I wondered about her sexual satisfaction in life. I was not quite sure that my father satisfied her sexually but my mother vinode never revealed a bit about her. In fact, she did nice fashion but looked like a plain lady when it came to sex.

Today all my questions were answered.I got up in the afternoon and went to kitchen to get some water. While coming back , as usual I took a look from that keyhole. And what I saw is really hard to put clearly. For there lay sprwaled my huge mother vinode and she had opened her legs and so much so her nice pinkish brown pussy was peeking at my face. I must have been 3-4 meter away from that lovehole of my mamma , but I saw it so clearly . Her pussy lips had separated and they looked so wet and juiced. My mother had a lot of hair around her pussy but still her juicy pussy was looking so wild and undomesticated. My mother vinode had flung the nighty apart was she had made a bedsheet of it. Her one hand was crushing her enormous tits while teasing her own nipples and she was giving stifled moans of pleasure. Her hand was roaming around her flabby waist and then it came down to her wet pussy. She caressed her juicy motherly cunt for a while before inserting one and two and then three fingers in it. She started fucking her pussy so badly now and then squishing it and rubbing it wildly with her hands. She was moaning all the time she was doing this. Her breasts looked red and huge as she mauled them and stretched her nipples while pushing and ditching her fingers like a club in her pussy. She was also contracting her tummy and waist as she did the strokes in her pussy. She was going aggressively and watching all this made me mad. I just wanted to enter her room and replace my cock with her fingers. She kept fucking her with her fingers and in then a jet of water rushed from her pussy and she orgasm. Her pussy was drooling with juices now. I went crazy watching this and my cock had come in my pants only . I was so charged up.My! What a day I had..

.barely three days , after I had the unholy glimpse on my mother in all her nudity, I had no longer to imagine her places now. I was Masturbating freely day and night now concentrating hard on her fleshy meaty boobs and her wide gaping wet pussy. I was getting horny all the time at home now. Being around her was a perfume in Which my whole existence was drenched. I watched her all the time …and today was a real treat ! Mother vinode took me to shop shopping mall in the afternoon and we also watched a movie there and had some light snacks also. When we came back home, she went o her room and bolted from inside, and started changing her clothes. I had positioned myself at the key hole and I was watching her undress. First she took her arms up and slowly raised her kameez and took it off. Now her white skin was glistening in the white bra straps. The cups of the bra were not very round and yet mother looked wonderfully endowed in them. Then she undid the cord of her salwaar and it fell on the floor. Under that my mother vinode was wearing my favorite cream cotton panties with some floral patterns on it. As soon as vinode had sort of undressed, she started to rub over her panties. I was getting hot standing outside and I knew that it was time for some action.
Vinode then went to the bed while undoing the bra and it fell on her bed. She keep pillows behind her back and sort of half sat on bed. Then she started to rub her panties lightly while playing with her magnificient breasts at the same time. I could clearly see that the nipples were really pointed now and stood majestically over dark brown areolas.
O vinode , my sweet and sexy mother, you were looking so hungry and sexy. Then her panties started getting wet, and their colour also changed from light cream to brownish now. Then in a few minutes , she removed her panties upto her thighs and started rubbing her pussy vigorously. I knew ahe was going to climax and I was masturbating at the same time. Even I came as I saw her . Even at this age of 50 , she had deep jets of orgasm staying the bed sheet…wow !
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a true story of sushma darling- my fav story ever written

Hi guys. Time for a hot story. This time it is a true story of real love and lust between a mother and son which happened in India. Yes this is a true story. So read carefully because there might be another mommy lurking in the corner for you.

This happened as I turned sixteen. I was just out of class tenth and so far I had studied in a boarding school. This was my first time in my life to stay with my parents. My father was a doctor with state government and was posted 35 km from home. He used to come home only on weekends and sometimes even fortnights went on and he didn’t come. His name was Dr.  Sharma.

Now let me describe my mother, sushma. She is very fair with beautiful lips and eyes. Her chochies r not that big but they are shapely and inviting. She often wears designer bras which are usually pink in color. She used to dress up in full nighty at night while kneading the floor and doing all household activities. I have rarely seen her in saris, she wears a salwaar kameez usually. But she has very sexy shiny skin with a little hair at the back of her arm. She usually baths at ten when is about to sleep.

We often hugged each other very much. But on coming back from boarding college, I started getting sexual enjoyment and I often felt bad at it. She was after all my own mother. What a pervert I’ve been thinking all about her. The more I told myself that I more horny I got now. I got her pics taken in the day and replaced them with the bodies of the sluts I had and saw my mommy in all those poses. Everyday I used to do that. Then I changed my mother’s name in the sexy stories and read them aloud for masturbation. I was getting hornier by the day. One day I even stole her used panties. They were lacy red n smelled a heavenly scent of her cunt smeared with her urine. I was an intoxicating smell and I went mad after it. There was even some pussy hair on that panty. I ate those hair, kissed the panty, sucked it n masturbated. Then it became a habit. I don’t know whether mom knew it but everyday I stole her used panties and put then back after my share. This went on for some time. I was sixteen and I was so horny. Then one day something happened.

As it was summers in north India, the heat grew worse and my father came home with an A.C. it was fixed in mom-dad’s room. My father returned to his job after few days. At night, it was quite hot and my mother came to me and said. She was dressed in a flowering light pink gown. I could make out form its shape that she probably had just panties on.

“munnu (my nick name)! It is so hot here. You can come and sleep in my room as your father is not here”

I couldn’t wait for a better opportunity and I jumped with joy and said…sure mother…

I went to her room. My stepbrother vijay and sister mannu were sleeping in the other room. Mannu was 17 and was real good looking girl. I saw at her in sleep and gasped. Then I reached into mother’s room. It had a pink bulb on and it made the room look so sexy. The bed was a king size and there was satin bed sheet on it. The room looked so tidy. My mother had even played light Indian classical instrumental music to add to its sexiness. The room was so tidy and clean, and it looked like the newly weds room oozing with sexiness and waiting for a fuck.

My mother came to the room and bolted it from inside. She had flowers on her hair which smelt of jasmine. The whole atmosphere was electrifying. How could I control, myself. I went up to her and took her in my arms and planted a kiss on her lips. She drew me back and said.

“Arrey …I m your mother. What are you doing to me? I am married to your father.”

Oh. Mother! I can’t hold it anymore. I just love you mother. I’m sorry. She instead pushed me back and said how I could even think about it. I felt sorry for all this and still I told her that I couldn’t live without her. Then after some silence she said.

“Ok son! Now tell me do you want to marry me. You can’t do all those things with me without getting married. Tell me is that what my son wants. Marry his own mother!”

I got a chill up to my spine as I heard those words. I went up to her, took her hand in mine and kissed her lightly on her forehead on her bindi and said “o mother! My goddess, I love you so much that I worship you. Marry me for love mother. I need you so much”

Then she switched the light off and said that she will make all the arrangements tomorrow. I slept next to her and could see her beautiful breasts heaving with breath. I could not hold myself and placed my hands on her chuchies. Ah! She had no bra and I felt right up to her nipples. This time there was no objection. I pressed them nicely and a soft moan escaped my mother’s lips. After a little cusping and kneading she said.

“O my son, my lover! Wait till we are married”

And we slept in each others arms, feeling so close that I came twice that night. The heat of my mother’s body was too much for me. I woke up only to see my mother and kids gone.

She came at the afternoon and told me to get ready. She had already brought me a wedding suit to wear. She dresses up in a sleeveless noodle blouse and came back in a firing blazing red wedding sari. She had a lot of ornaments too. She really looked like a goddess. She came close to me and said.

“This is the same sari which I wore when I married your father. Only the blouse is different.”

I put my arms around her and kissed her cheek, “o mother I love you so much”

We then hurried from the home as she got a taxi and asked the driver to go to the suthakaami temple. This temple was famous for incestuous and unholy practices of marriage and it also had a few devadasis. We reached the temple and the priest took us to a corner where there was a pandaal in the center and a few people had gathered. She took me there and I sat next to her as the pandit started reciting mantras. I looked at my mother. She looked so beautiful dressed as a bride. I felt as in dream. And who were all these people my mother had gathered to witness the tying of our unholy incestuous knot. The priest then asked me to put some indoor (vermillion) in the center of my mother’s hair. I took it and smeared it in her head taking her as a wife. He then gave me a manglasutra to tie around my mother’s neck. My mother smiled as she had one already. I quickly removed the one tied by my father and tied my mangalsutra, the symbol of our union, around her neck. The pundit got up and told us to take seven rounds of holy fire.

My mother walked in front and I followed her as we circled the holy fire which burnt all other bonds we had. Now I was her husband and she was my wife. After rounds of fire, people threw flowers on the newly married couple and exchanged greetings. What a wonderful thought it was that I had married my mother. I felt like the luckiest son in the world.

When we got home she said that by going round the fire I had married her for seven lives. I got close to her and took her in my arms before planting a full mother son French kiss on her lips.

O my mother! My wife.

O my son! My husband. Show me how much you love me.

My mother had cleverly sent the children to her parents place. Now we two were alone at home. It was already evening when we reached home. Mom looked so pretty dressed in all jewelry and her wedding sari. Her blouse was giving exactly the kind of show I craved for.

She asked me to go to my room and wait.

I was surprised to see the room decorated with flowers and candles. Sex was in the air, I knew. As I sat on the bed, my mom entered the room. She had a glass of milk in her hands. She came to me and said,

“From now on I am your wife so call me sushma .ok”

Yes my darling sushma. I drank half the milk and gave her half. She had the prettiest milk moustache I had ever seen. I cleaned it with my tongue and began kissing her while my hands on motherly instincts had gone to her beautiful mounds feeling them over her blouse. Mom kissed me back with pure lust she had been keeping in the garb of love and affection. We started necking while my hands had pulled out her blouse and were opening the hook of her designer bra.

Her two beautiful breasts fell out as I looked at my own mother looking so sexy and beautiful. I felt like kamadeva having sex with my own mother, Rati. She had nicely shapely white breasts and she had pinkish brown areolas bigger than the rupee coin. Her nipples were standing erect like two beans and to my utter surprise, she had very short hair around her areolas. Her nipple was unusually long and must have been more than an inch and seems like two clitorises on fire. They were shining pink. I took a good look at them and then took one of her erect nipple in my mouth and gave it a sweet bite with my teeth. My mother moaned with pleasure.

O Rama! O Krishna! My own son is going to make love to me. O god.

While rubbing my hand on one of her chuchies I ate the other one, nibbles at the teats and even tried to take her full booby in my mouth. I opened my mouth full and took a hearty bite of both her chuchies. Her hands were at the back of my head stroking my hair.

Mummy ….bete ko dudhu do na

Le beta…jitna marzi le na

My hand moved on to her bellybutton and my fingers danced on her naked skin. My mouth drew down and I kissed and licked my mother’s flat hairless bellybutton. She was still dressed in her bridal jewelry and a golden chain fell over her tummy. Then she lifted her saree without removing it up to her thighs. I kissed my mother’s milky thighs and licked them to my delight. My mother was now kneading her breasts and moaning heaving. The whole room was filled of sex sounds as I lowered my face to kiss my mother’s hungry cunt over her designer panties. She just squirmed in pleasure. The beautiful red lacy panties had a floral pattern on it much like the panties in that French movie I saw or like those sexy panties of his wife =those sexy purple, hot red, naughty flowery black and motherly torn brownish .just by looking at her panties, I remembered my days of masturbation after seeing those panties and sometimes even getting a few of motherly breasts of my neighbor’s wife. I could even make out her panty line from behind when she used to sleep. I often wondered if she fucked with her dog like my maasi who I had fucked on a number of occasions. I remember that  maasi was the tallest of all and she had deadly knockers and a slappable ass. The very first time I saw her, she was talking on a phone to someone sitting in her kameez and panties….mmmm what a delight panties are. As I sniffed my mother’s hidden heavenly floral glory, I saw her looking at me with pure lust and she bit her lip. Her panty had a wet spot on them and there were big hair peaking from the sides of that sexy panty. I smelled that crotch and my senses went limp for a second when I sniffed the maddening aroma of my mother’s cunt juices smeared with sweat, perfume and the horny smell of urine. My mother quickly removed her panty and I was looking at the most treasured thing of the world- the pussy of my mother in all her glory. I gaped at it and almost tore my mother’s bridal sari in at attempt to get her naked. Now, here was my mother ready to get fucked by her son, lying all naked. I looked at my mother who was all nude but for her jewelry looking so kinky and wonderful. She then bites her lip and said,

“Complete the age old ritual of mating my son. Time has come for you to enter a new relationship with your mother. Come my husband take your ravishing bride and start a family with me so that I may mate with you .come my handsome son, show mommy how much you love her”

O mommy I love u so much

Yes my baby. Come my husband. Call me by my name now.

As I inched closer to her, I could smell her sweaty body mixed with perfume and sweat. She had little hair on legs and at the back of her arms which added her sex appeal. I looked at her and she took my hands to her shapely chuchies where nipples had grown harder than nuts and pinched one of her nipples. While my other hand touched the forbidden fruit of my mother and she gasped in my arms.

“O my son, my new husband, my boyfriend, I love you so much. You can do anything as we are married now. Come baby come to your lonely mommy. She needs all your love for ever” and she bent forward and kisses my earlobe. She was still dressed in her jewels but she quickly removed my shirt and below. I was standing in just silk underwear with my cock making a pole in it. My mother took it in her hand and rubbed it for some time.

“O son! Your lund is so big. Just the right size for my deep choot. Time has come to insult your mother with your prick. I want some punishment for marrying my own son. Punish me baby!”

“o yes mother! I mean my wife! Sushma. I love you so much. I wish all the sons do this to their mothers. O mommy you have no idea of how hungry I have been for all this. I have waited for this for years. You are me my dream my mother my wife my sushy. My sushma”

“O yes son, take me, and take your mother. Now that I am your wife, I am going to bear you children. O my boy…gives it to mommy now. You know how badly I want it. You are my sweetest boy, honey.”

While my hands reached over her bare pussy and I touched it for the first time. It was so bushy with thick blonde pubic hair and the wetness of her pussy had spread well beyond her hole. I rubbed the top of it with my thumb and then I inserted my longest finger into my motherly pussy. Mother moaned a bit as I thrust it further. I started finger-fucking her vigorously now. While her hand was stroking my cock. She then pushed me aside and walked naked across the room and went to her dressing table and got back some indoor (vermillion) and said hungrily

“O son! You have to put some indoor here also.” As she pointed out her pussy in the tuft of brown wet pubes. I quickly got forward and put some indoor there.

“My child, you can take mommy anyway you like now. You are not only my pati now but you are also my choot ka pati (my pussy husband)”

I couldn’t control anymore and kissed her pussy for the first time. A lot of flab had gathered on my dream hole. It appeared my lovely mother didn’t quite get a fuck. Her pussy looked so fresh and pink that I had to look at her face while this wonderful pussy really belongs to my mother. I sucked my favorite hole in the world for a long time while my mother moaned and squirmed in ecstasy. In a moment she went stiff and uttered obscenities and went limp in my arms. I knew she was having an orgasm and I bit the clit real hard thrusting 3 fingers inside my mother’s lovely pussy. She came like a flood and I licked every single drop my mother’s tastiest juice. Ah 1 what a taste.

Then I went back to her face and kissed it for what seemed an eternity with my lips smeared in her cup, our tongues swirled in each other while my hands tweaked her nipples making them sore and red and she moaned in pleasure.

“O my lovely son! Where did you learn all this? You are going to kill your momma with your love-making skills. O Rama! This feels so good. Don’t stop mithu. I want you inside now my baby. Let mommy ride your land now that she is your wife.”

Then she came on top of me and took my whole cock in her pussy and started jumping. A chill up to my spine ran up as soon as I realized that it was my own mother jumping on my cock. My mother had taken the entire cock in her pussy and her breasts jiggled on my face. I quickly latched on to one of her nipples and to my utter pleasure it was leaking with milk now. O my holy god, my mother jumped with gay abandon as is sucked her leading milk pots. I brought my hands to her velvety ass and slapped it a few times. My mother grunted and groaned like a newly married girl while her fat ass shuddered in my crotch. Now she adjusted herself in a way that she was getting maximum penetration. I was hitting her womb. O my god was a dream. My erect cock wedged deep into the inner recesses of her vagina. It appeared that all I wanted to do was to fuse into her...making her mine, forever. Now she was maddened with lust and she started slapping her big boobies on my face. I could feel the nipples on my cheeks, nose and everywhere. This was highly erotic so I quickly sucked on my mothers boobies while slapping her ass and she started shouting obscenities now.

“ harami, madarchod , ….hai…maar meri phudi,…aai haaaaii….chod mujhe…kutte….randi ke beej….phad de meri phudi….haii….aaaa….haaan…haaan….aaaiiii…aur jor se…apni maan ke mumme choos le harami…yahi se dudh peekar bada hua hai tu….choos …mere raja….hai….mere momme ki tip …….mmm”

I greedily sucked on her nipples while she humped me from the top. It was my first sexual experience so I didn’t last long and poured my semen into my mother’s hot cunt. my mother shouted

“o god! What have I done? O son! Mommy is not protected. O my god, my son just made his way onto my womb. He has placed his seed in me”

Mother started crying and it took a while for her to come to terms with it.

Later after one month mother came to me and said that she was pregnant with my child. We had to find some way out. I consulted my friends and we left the town for some other place. After the child birth, mother and me married officially in the new city and got registered as husband and wife. It has been 17 years now.

I have two girls with my mother. The elder one just turned sixteen and she just looks like my mother. Well, what happens with her is just another story.

goody bua and her motherly boobs- a marriage

My name is pushpa and I am the mother of three children. I am normal Indian housewife and I belong to the middle class background. My husband works in the education department. Though I am quite educated but I had to stay home to take care of my children. I have two lovely fair skinned daughters and a handsome son. My son is the eldest of them. In fact I bore him when I was 21 so now when he is 17 I am just 38 years of age. I love my family and we are a happy family only one strange fact is there that the father of my youngest daughter is in fact my own son. he hit me when I he was 16 and then I had pregnancy due to him. Believe it or not but now we live as husband and wife. To know how it happened, read on my real story.

As my husband was a government employee, he often had to go on outstation tours. Earlier my son used to study in boarding but then we withdrew him to take care of the home in absence of his father. In fact when he was 18, he passed his 10th class with very good marks and we decided to have a party at home. We had a good time and all the guests left the home by eleven at night. Now, my son, rinku, was helping me clean the home along with my 14 year old daughter Shipra. We soon arranged everything neatly and then Shipra said that she wants to sleep. She went and started snoring in her room. I also went and quickly changed into my old pink cotton nigh tie with prints of flowers on it. My son rinku was still in the living room. I came out of the bedroom wearing my nigh tie and just panties under it. I was feeling very tired and due to that my nipples had become erect somehow as I could feel them making small tents in my nigh tie. My son looked at me and asked me to sit besides him.

He kissed me lightly on the cheek and said ,” I love you ma, thanks for such a nice party”

“I love you too beta, you can have anything you want from maami. I am always here for my bright son” I kissed him backing saying this.

Then he leapt across and took me in his arms hugging me and pressing against me. I thought he was getting emotional with his mommy but soon I realized it was something else. He was rubbing my back near the flesh of my hips. I got a tingling in my body as he did this is circular motion. his head was rested on my shoulder while his chest pressed on me. I was sure that he could feel my erect nipples digging into his skin through my nigh tie. I was surprised as he pushed his hand down my bottom so that I was now sitting on his hands while he rubbed my buttocks slowly. Suddenly I felt what was I doing and how did I let him do that then for another second I thought he is just doing it under some emotion. But I was wrong. I felt my thigh hitting his huge erection. O my god, my son a big penis. How could he have that big demon inside. Was he hitting on me, his mother. no it can’t be, my own son, lusting after me and feeling me. I withdrew from him in a moment and asked him

“What are you doing rinku?”

“o mommi, I love you so much and feel so attached to you” he gave me an emotional reply holding my hand.

“beta, I love you too but you are also my son and such things don’t happen between a mother and a son.” I replied withdrawing from him.

“No mommi, I love so much that I worship you and I worship your body too mother. There is no woman on earth as beautiful and sensuous as you. Please, mommy let me take care of you. let me tell you how beautiful you really are!” he said moving on to my front and hugging me once again.

I was feeling a bit uneasy by all this .what could my son want from me at this age. After all I am his mother and I bore him. I loved him too and dint wants him to feel bad about it. I asked with a little patience, “what do you want from your mommy rinku”

“o mother! I love you so much. can I feel your body? Will you let me see your sensuous body? mother, you are my goddess, I worship you. I want to worship and feel your body with my hands. please mother”, he begged me as hugged me from the waist.

“ok son, don’t feel bad. I just want you to be happy. that’s all. Ok… I will show you my old used body but just touching, ok. If you try to go beyond then the show is over” I felt a little kinky like a slut about to show off her body.

“o mommy, let me remove your clothes” he quickly put his hands under the hem of my gown and pulled it over my head. now I was just wearing my cotton panties. I covered my big boobies out of shame in front of my son. he quickly reached and removed my hands while I was just looking down.

“holy Shiva, o mother! You have the biggest boobies that I have ever seen. And just look at that big areola. Mammy, you have the longest nipples in the entire world. Can I touch them mommu”, he said as he rubbed his hands on my belly. he used to call me mommu instead of mommy sometimes and I loved it.

“go ahead my son. Touch them and feel them with your hands. Remember you used to feed on them not long ago. take them in your hands my son”, he cupped my humongous chuchies (boobs) and squeezed them.

“o mother! shipra has just taken your body but even her chuchies are not that soft and spongy. Will you let me suck from your unusually long nipples? Will you breastfeed your hungry grown-up son, mommu” he said while kissing me on my neck. I was surprised to hear that he even played with my daughter and was comparing me to her.

“yes my son, see if there is any milk left for you.” As soon as he heard me say this, he quickly latched on to my melons and took the nipple of my left chuchy in his mouth while he played with my right nipple nibbling it with his fingers. He even tries to take half of my boob in his mouth as if he was trying to eat it like a cake. He started biting my flesh with his teeth lapping his tongue all around my areola. My choot (pussy) was getting wet and I could feel the juice in my panty. A spot appeared on them now. while he mercilessly ate my chuchies switching them in between. His hands were now rubbing my ass over the white cotton panty.

“Shiva, Shiva! what are you doing my son? This is so wrong yet it feels so good. Please stop now otherwise I won’t have any control and we might cross the limits.” His hands had gone inside my panty now and were moving to the front ever so slowly.

“no beta no, main tumhari maan tum kya kar rahe ho. Ye galat hai. Ufffffff mere bude badan main kya rakha hai beta” now he left my nipple and placed his head on the slit of my breasts and started licking the slit. He just lapped his tongue there licking the sides of my milk jugs while his hands had reached over my choot (puss) and he was slightly pressing my pubes with the palm. I felt that some juices had started leaking from my horny choot but they were absorbed by my pubes so probably he was just seconds away to touch them. I was on fire too but then he was my son. I regained morality and asked him to stop.

“beta, my dear rinku beta. I love you too but this is no way to show your love to your mother. In fact now we have already exceeded the limits. No one ever touches his mother in her private parts. We have to stop this very instant. O my god, rinku what r u doing…….please stop it” he put his thumbs at the side of my old white cotton panty which was so wet now and pulled it down my knees in no time . he was now rubbing his hands on my choot from behind.

“no mommu, you know how much I love you. I just can’t stop now. I want to prove my love to you. With these melons hanging down, how can you expect me to stop? o mother, you are the most beautiful of all women that I have seen and known. You pearl white skin and you large pinkish brown areolas are making me crazy. I don’t know what to do mommu, just need to feel you mother. Please don’t stop me now” he almost gave a few bites on my chuchies now heaving with passion and love. Then his hands caressed my velvety chootar (ass) and his finger went in my choot a little deep. An electric current went in my body as my son touched his mother’s pussy for the first time. A lot of pussy juice ran down his hand and he started to finger fuck me.

“what are you doing with me rinku? Leave me this very moment otherwise I will loose control. Think of your father. How can you do this with your mother? Let me go rinku” I implored him hanging my lust in the form of caution but deep inside I was loving all this.

He soon started fucking me with two fingers. My pussy was leaking a lot of juices and the sounds of phuch phuch phuch phuch started coming from my pussy making me all the more horny. I wanted him. I wanted my son now. I was a woman blinded with lust and consumed in passion to think of anything else. What if he was my own son and I had given him birth from the same cunt. I became silent now towards him resisting me and let him have a go. He probably knew that my pussy was enjoying and he turned me around and went on his knees to get a whiff of his mother’s fat pussy. The first thing he did was that he smelled the pussy nice and long before teasing it with his nose and finally lapping up his birthplace with his tongue almost biting my clit while he slapped my chootar with his hands.

“o rinku, my baby, what are doing to mommy. are you going to kill me? no son no. this is incest. we can’t do it. we will rout in hell for doing this forbidden thing. Stop it now otherwise I am gone .” he looked up at me and then took my hand and drove me to my kingside bed where his father had taken my cherry and lay me down on my back. He reached my feet and took them in his hands and started kissing my toes.

“Mother let me show you what heaven can be. I know this is wrong and mother is the holiest of all but then you are my mother and all I want to do is to make you mine. I want to enter the same body I came from. I want to fuse into you and make us one forever. Let this unison be the token of my gratitude for bringing me into this world mother. I want to kiss each and every part of your, I mean mine, body.” Then he kissed on my claves and his tongue reached the back of my fleshy thighs and further up he took some bites of my ass before finally finding my mound and he inserted his big tongue into my lower lips white parting the well grown tuft of my pubes. My sucked on my pussy and I was beginning to get delirious. Still, at the back of my mind, I was fighting the taboo inside. How could I let him do it? he is my own flesh and blood. But slowly my thoughts were melting away with the juices oozing out of my hairy choot. he stopped for a second and looked me in the eye and said,

“thank you for letting me know my real mother. Thanks for showing me that wonderful choot of yours which was my birthplace. O mother you look a creature of heaven, a pari, there lying down naked before me. This is what I never thought would happen. I hope I am not living in a dream. O mommu, can I kiss you now.”

I was far too gone to let reason prevail over my sensory enjoyment. I thought let me just forget that he is my son and let him have whatever he wants. I replied in a seductive and hoarse voice,

I don’t know what to say my son. You are saying that your old mother’s body reminds you of angels. I hope that you are not lying to your stupid mommy. I don’t know what to do now. I know it’s wrong between a mother and a son but what can I do. I really love you my son and I would just do anything to please you. After all, taking care of the son is the duty of the mother. What if I go a step ahead and give you more intimacy. I think it is the duty of every mother in the world to make her children feel happy. That’s what I am going to do now, my son. let’s not call it incest since we very much love each other. It’s just that we are crossing some physical boundaries. I know you love me but this unique way of showing your love is making me go crazy. Come my child, don’t waste time now. Kiss the mouth that gave you guidance and come closer now beta.
Saying this I bit my lip and he quickly pounced on my mouth and our tongues started twirling and colliding with each other. We almost had a breathless kiss which we probably didn’t break for more than fifteen minutes. In the meanwhile my son had ravished and mauled my melons like anything. they were painted red with my blue veins clearly showing through the whiteness of my heavy chuchies. he pressed them, nibbled at my teats with his fingers and pulled my nipples to the farthest point and then released them making them erect like two little cocks. He also took great pleasure in fingering my pussy. He was even pulling my daana (clit) some time while fucking my hairy twat with two fingers. I was in seventh heaven while kissing him and hugged him close, he was really trying to get inside my mouth. what a kiss it was. So what it was with my son. I was still his mother and I was showing all my maternity (mamtaa) by letting him do it. What I didn’t realize that soon it would lead to something more sinister. He released his mother’s well sucked mouth with her lipstick smeared to the side of her lips making her look like a real cheap slut.

“mother, o my sweet mother. I owe my life to you. You have given me the real kiss of the goddess today. I am your slave. just order me what you want me to do for you. My god your chuchies are really amazing and they are the best pair of tits in the world. I can never get over playing with them. I want to bury myself there. You kill me with those boobies mommy. I m just too spellbound to do anything now.”

He said with his face turning red with passion and desire.

“I know how much you like my chuchies, son. As I child you used to suckle them for hours. I continued feeding you till you were in 5th class, remember! I had to discontinue as your father disapproved of it in public .but for another year, I remember you used to suckle them everyday. You kept me always full of milk. but now you are using them for pleasure. you know chinu, it’s due to you that my nipples have become that long, u used to pull them and chew them like a bubblegum. Until your sixth class I never wore a bra at home because you had to remove it and it made it problematic since you were restless. it is due to you that they became big and round .look at you, you are mommy’s naughty little teenage plaything. Aren’t you.” I teased him.

“yes I am and you know what you are. You are my melon mommy. With these chuchies I think you should be called just ‘melony’”, I saw the kinky side when I realized my son was talking dirty to me. I went ahead and said,

“beta, you didn’t say a word about my phudi, come on say”, he was surprised when I said puss to him and came back with a reply.

“that’s not your choot mommu, that’s mine too .since I came out of this sexy watery hole some 16 years ago. O momma, I just love you and your momma too. I love each and every organ of your sexy body mommu. You are mine.” and he started kissing me all over again. this was not any normal kiss but this time he was literally biting me with his teeth. I could see his reddish teeth marks on my thighs, breast, and navel and everywhere in my body. God, can anyone be so crazy about his mother. I was red burning hot inside with all lust and now wanted to cross all earthly limits and free him from the thought that I am his mother. So I took a bold step when I said,

“beta! o my rinku! You are making me go mad with all this. There is no going back now. You have inflamed my passions beyond limits now and I am totally consumed in lust now. I feel like a goddess offering my body as a sacrifice on the alter of love. Remember son, it’s just love what we are making here. You should not call it incest. My womb was really blessed to bear you son. I am so happy. Now you can do with me now all you ever wanted to do to a woman. Would you like to cross the final frontier now my son. now come here and don’t waste any time.”

I said as I released his clothes. he was wearing a sky blue VIP frenchie inside and his tool was shaping there. He had a hairy body and probably the hair of my pussy had the same DNA. I quickly removed his underwear too and it sprang like a cobra .it was not particularly long or thick but it was just a cock a teenager would normally have and it was very erect too. I took it in my hand and I stroked it a little. some pre-cum was already oozing from the eye of the cock. I was shaking the cock of my own son. What a slut I was, I thought. He put his mouth again on my fleshy chuchies and took one in his mouth right unto its areola. I was going crazy in my head and I was sweating already. I felt his cock much too erect and I wanted it desperately. Shiva, I wanted my own son’s cock. I wanted him to do it. o my god, what a slut I have been seducing my own son. I was committing a sin and there was no going back. in a few seconds I felt his hands rest on my fleshy white chootar and he was bringing his lund close to my choot. He touched my pussy lips with his phallus and kept is there for a moment. I opened my eyes and looked at him. His eyes were full of love melting into lust as if he wanted to fuse into me .he just kept looking at me and then I couldn’t bear it any longer. I pulled his face on mine and kissed him while he held me by my naked waist and entered his cock into my forbidden hole. I kept looking into her eyes. In a second, I had changed from a mother to a lover. My own son’s cock probed further into my labia entering a forbidden zone. I opened my legs more as I felt the ecstasy of incest run shivers through my body. My god, my own son inside my vagina. now he started stroking me giving me powerful thrusts in between while mercilessly mauling my chuchies nearly came on his cock but he kept giving me orgasm after orgasm while our mouths were locked in filial love and ecstasy. I felt his tongue reach unto the base of my throat my god, he was humping me, fucking me, making love to his very own biological mother. I was mad with lust now and I started screaming loudly,
“o shit, what the hell is happening to me? o my god, Shiva, Krishna, my son is fucking me, he is fucking his mother. Help me lord. Forgive me. I am just doing my duty of making my child happy fuck…chinu…”

“o mother, my heavenly mother, my real mother, I love you and I need you for all eternity. I am the luckiest son to do it with my own sexy momma. Do you have any idea of the sexiness of your chuchies and that fluffy little choot. How come you are so tight mommu when you had three children” he asked me while pinching both my nipples.

“I guess I saved it for you son. You have got the hardest Lund in the world. Do you like it in my choot son. and how does my chuchies taste. Tell me” I rubbed his bare back as he lay on me in a tight embrace. Then our bodies entwined as if trying to become one and reverse the process of evolution. His skin was just as fair as mine and he stroked me harder now, showing his mother all the love he had.

“o mommu, your chuchies just taste like buttermilk. And your choot is my gateway to heaven. Even my sushma maasi cannot equal you. You have the most fascinating pair of sexy titties in the world. To make love to you is beyond my wildest dreams. I never thought that I would taste heaven in you. You are my dream girl and I love you.”

“now stop talking and suck your old momma’s titties” I said as he once again fucked me like a strong bull. This was probably his first fuck and he made the best out of it. Soon he could not control it and shot his wad in my fiery pit where he was born. I had an extreme orgasm too and I think I just fainted. The whole night we slept on each other with his limp cock in my pussy all night. I got up in the morning and went to kitchen to make some breakfast. I was feeling very guilty about the night. Then my son came out in the morning, touched my feet and sat down on the chair on dining table.

“hi mommu darling! Now that we have made love, let’s take our relationship to a new level.”

“what do mean son”

he got up and he came near me. he put his hand in my gown and reached my waist and started caressing my bum and pubic region.

“mommu love, you know what we did was meant only for husband and wife and we are mother and son...” now his hands reached up and grabbed my melons and he started pinching my nipples with his fingers while kissing my neckline while his erect cock was touching my pussy lips from behind.

“mmmmm….hmmmmmmm…aaahh…chinuu…..waht …mmm do ...u ...mean…mmmmmmm”

“I mean my big titted mommujaan my lovely fuck lady my cumslut, my pissy pussy mommy queen my anal whore, my rani, my pallu, my teenu, my parul, my ritu, my rishu, my stuti, my sapna, my rekha, my jyoti, my meenu, my neelam, my sushma, my housing borad waali raani maasi my maasi cum wife cum mommy, I mean lets get married my mommy”

“you have already taken my sheel (chastity) son, now I will do what you say.

Then he jumped in joy. He arranged for the wedding and it was kept secret and it took place in another city. Nobody suspected us of being mother and son. He tied his mangalsutra on my neck and people threw flowers at us. We came back only to find the room decorated with flowers and perfumes.

What a night it was. My own son had married his mother. A few years ago I married his father and then brought his into this world and now he has married me even when my husband is alive. So I have two husbands now. And my new husband is in fact my own son. The cycle has turned around with the son marrying his mother. He suckled my breasts as a child and now he sucks them for his pleasure. As a mother I used to please him with my mamtaa and now I have to please him with my body. He took my hand in his and looked deep into my eyes and said,

“for the first time I am holding your hand as my wife, mother” he said planting a kiss on my neck on mangalsutra.

I wanted to say yes my son, Indeed you are but I just said, “yes, my beloved husband”

“I will do everything what a wife does for her husband. You have each and every right over my body now. Let me touch the feet of my husband, my son”, saying this I bent down and touched his feet. He also touched my feet in return saying that he was seeking blessings of her mother for his wife. In fact, now that his mother is his wife, he can tell her to do household chores and satisfy him in bed.

I came up to him with a glass of milk as the newly brides take it to their husbands. My heart leapt in joy as I felt like a virgin again, feeling shy in front of my teenage son cum husband. He drank the half and gave me the other half. I drank it and then he kissed me thereby exchanging each others milk in our mouths with our tongues flicking each other. Slowly he disrobed me from the wedding dress and left me in just my bra and panty. I had worn a satin red panty that day since red is considered auspicious. he came up close to me and said,

“ma! You look like an angel from the sky. By the way, how did you know that I love laal kachi? You are going to kill me in that sexy little kachi u have my mommy, my booby doll, u r an Aphrodite my queen.”

“Beta, red is not only holy color but also it is the color of passion, of love, my son, I mean my husband” I said with a giggle and looked up to him.

“O ma! My lovely mother from heaven. O my dream girl, I never thought that this day would ever come in my life. I am the happiest and the luckiest son in the world. I have married the same woman who brought me into this world. I love you, mother, more than ever. O Pushpa, my mother wife. You are my goody bua and you have got the sexiest chuchies in the world. O mother, look at the color of your chuchies, aren’t they like my cheek. Let me remove your motherly floral bra. O ma I have always loved these floral patterns in your pink and white bras. I will buy you some more underwear, mom”, he said as he felt the heaviness of his mother’s jugs in his palms over the bra. My mangalsutra was adorned in the center of the valley of my breasts. My heart skipped a beat when he brought his face closer and kissed on the slit of my mounds. He started licking my chuchies on the periphery. His hands reached down over to my ass and started caressing them over my red satin panties. He pressed my velvety chutar with his masculine fingers over the bare panty. The flowers on the panty seemed to be coming alive by the touch of my lovely son, and I felt the first heavenly stirrings in my motherly pussy. The bra was holding out mid air as he released the hooks at the back. His hands were cupping them over the bra. I looked at him straight in the eye and felt a divine lust in his face. He was glowing with a surge of incestuous energy and his whole existence was on fire as he held his mother as his wife from her motherly chuchies over the bra. I was feeling very shy like a kinky teenage girl and for a moment I let the thought go that he is my son. So what if he is. He had every right to do anything to his mother as now I was his wife. He bent his face on the slit of my chuchies and sniffed there.

“o mother do u know how much I like this pond’s smell on ur bras”

“o my raja beta o my husband why don’t u take off this filthy cloth and let my motherhood be bared to you in all its glory. I m sure you will like it just like your father” saying this I shook my chuchies like a club dancer on my sons face. The bra came off on its own and now I was shamelessly slapping my motherly breasts on my sons face. It reminded me of his childhood when I often boob-danced on his face as a child. How his little fingers would then bruise my knockers. This went on until he was well into class 5. sometimes he would come from school and jump straight into mommy’s bed, while me still in my loose nightclothes, he ripped them apart and told me to boob-dance. O, how erotic it was. I think it was then when I saw the seeds of this incest. I was lost in retrospect when the feeling of teeth on my chuchy woke me up…

“o yes, ahan, aaammmmmmm,,uuuuummmmmmm o mera beta mera pati…maan ko maja de na….mmm hai…..kha le na meri chuchy….”

“hai mummy mommu meri patni meri ggody bua…thoda sa boob-dance kar do na.” my son looked me in the eyes with a power I could not refuse. I started humming a lullaby and shook my chuchies on his face... slowly…ever so slowly...and then I slapped them on his cheeks. it was a place where I found bliss. her breasts were all I ever needed. we stayed like that all day and night. we married n lived happily ever after.
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